Pig Sketch

This is a little sketch.  I really mean little. Hold on I’m going to get my ruler to actually measure it. 
Okay, it’s 2″ by 1″. 

Back in ’96 Dan and I had our first apartment and the guest room became our ‘office’. We sat back to back facing opposite walls and when we were in the room together we were silly. That’s when Dan drew Pig Sketch. At that time he was finishing his degree and when he sat at his desk he had a ton of schoolwork and studying to do. I had a desk and no schoolwork and I sat goofing off wishing he didn’t have so much to do. I wanted to be with him. That’s really why I sat at the desk.

Pig Sketch was just a doodle. We laughed about it. I think it’s a good sketch. The best part of Pig Sketch is how he keeps turning up. It’s been 14 years, 6 domiciles and 4 states since Pig Sketch’s creation and he’s still going strong. I found him recently in a little box and took him out  to find him a place of honor. He has history with us. I don’t want him lost.

I love the idiosyncrasies that come with marriage. Looking across the room and knowing what ‘My Husband’ is thinking. Finding an insignificant doodle in a box that brings me to tears with warm memories. Sharing the silly stories with our children so they become part of the idiosyncratic union.

~Ecclesiastes 9:9
Enjoy life with the wife you love all the fleeting days of your life.

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