I prefer a life on simmer. You know simmer. It’s not a cold lifeless pot but neither a rolling, boiling water that can quickly bubble out of control. Yeah, simmer is my favorite. There’s stuff going on but if I turn my back on it I won’t return to find a mess.

Today, life is a full boil. As I sit writing my thoughts I should be vacuuming a floor, investing in a child, planning school days, cleaning up the many piles of papers around me or just outside enjoying blessed nature. Every word I type equals another gush of water spilling over the side of the pot. What disturbs me most in these times is my desire to push God aside. Stopping to spend time with Him feels like it will just cause another overflow. Trust me, I’m old enough as a Christian to know better and yet my feelings want to stay away and do it myself. 

Just writing those words, “do it myself”, washes me with memories of my once defiant toddlers. Yes, I am laughing too. I just have this side of me that is so defiant. Why is it so hard to give our will to God and then not take it back. I am going to go spend some time with Him. I really will do it now that I have written it. We all know this will put my pot back on simmer, right where it should be.

3 thoughts on “Simmering

  1. You are on a roll now girl!! Spending time sowing where you will show an increase,rather than just checking a task off a list. Sometimes our own advice is the best advice to follow ~ especially when it aligns with the Word of God!


  2. Everywhere I turn… these truths that pang my heart.

    I am 'remembered' of the days that I did not even realize I had taken my will back from Him. Oh,wait… that was just last week?! 🙂


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