Emotional Me

Today is one of those really emotional days. The kind only women can have. It feels like there is an alien pulsating inside my veins screaming to be released. One day I’m going to find out why God needed women to be so emotional. Well, today in my emotional, internal pulsating I have gone from tears, to laughter. I’ve done some yelling and then some doughnuts and finally it has all culminated in art.

I am a closet artist. You will never find anything I’ve done in a museum. It’s clumsy work at it’s best. I like to show it to my kids. I really like creating it alongside my kids. Their work often surpasses mine. I find it is the creation process that brings me the greatest joy and the fullest outlet to my internal emotional struggle. I work in mixed media which in ‘Kelly Speak’ means I glue, cut, paste, paint ribbon and then weave in some verbage.

 I have learned we are all artists. I know this for certain. I was created by the most amazing being and how could he not knit His own creative passions into the fiber of my being. And yet, I am still surprised when, on days like today, where there seems to be no release for the passion that beats through my body, I find it through creating something of beauty (even if it is only pretty to me and my kids).

2 thoughts on “Emotional Me

  1. I am reading Wide Awake by Erwin McManus, hear some of his words about creativity:

    “We know from the scriptures that God is the only One who creates out of nothing. He created the universe when there was nothing. God spoke and everything came into being. This is God's unique arena, creating ex niholo– out of nothing. And by the way… you are incapable of this…
    For some of us, it is a daunting thing to consider that we are a part of the creative process. We would rather think only God paints or writes the symphony. After all, He is the Master Artist– the Creator of the universe. He is much better at this than the rest of us. I agree, but that's just not the way it works. The Creator, as the ultimate act of creativity, has created you to be creative…To create is in your essence and is essential for living the life God created you to live.”

    Celebrating your creativity friend! Keep up the art 🙂


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