Joining the Community

I am grateful for the life that beats through my body. The Creator has left his mark all around and what great joy this journey of discovery. Every day I’ve been jotting down 10 of my newest findings and I now I add to the wonderful community of women who are miles ahead of me but I happily tag along. It is the best game of hide and seek I have every played. 

# 200-210

Crooked Rugs on well tread floors

Flip flops causually tossed at the foot of the couch

Little bony bodies bodies snuggled in my bead on a cool crisp morn

A.W. Tozer’s ‘The Pursuit of God’

The Pursuit of God with Study Guide

“We Three Kings” sounding better and better every time she sits to practice

Whistling for the pup and finding he was sitting at my feet the whole time

Fall Wreaths adorning the front door

Sweet & cheerful, girlish whistling coming from my kitchen dishwasher

Spray ‘n Wash

The final sputters of the coffee pot

A tool belt wearing, dinner making amazing man

holy experience

2 thoughts on “Joining the Community

  1. Love it!
    Thank you for going 'public' with your gratitude :}

    love the pic of hubby, tool belt & all :]
    and I can just see 'Beastie' looking up at you, head cocked sideways, ears standing at attention, with a bit of 'huh?' in his expression :}

    Thankful for the counting,


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