So Thankful

We are getting ready. Ready to welcome guests and I want it all finished. Each item crossed off the list and each to do checked. I just want to sit and soak in the moments spent in their presence. The years fly by and do I know if I have invested enough?

Have I extracted every drop from each moment. And as we sit together working on the list, sorting piles of laundry and discussing why we divide the loads and how we should always double check the little brothers shirts and spray them with stain remover I then remember.

This is where I have to squeeze it from. I want the glossy magazine page. But truly this is where the warmth and silliness occurs, whether with my children sorting laundry, laughing alongside my man as we drive or welcoming our beloved guests into our home over unmopped thresholds.

Giving Thanks #
241. Internet Shopping
242. Planning a Pig Themed Party for my second double digit girl.

243. Bathroom scales-they’re just so honest.
244. Modern Conveniences that make this house keepers job doable.
245. Bougainville

246. Excitement of folks attending the future Pig Party
247. Craft Projects
248. Sharpie Markers.

249. Lovely fall Moring
250. Publix Grocery

holy experience

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One thought on “So Thankful

  1. your counting excites me! thank you for sharing 🙂

    i love your pictures – i share your view :}

    i am thankful that you continue to enjoy 'the warmth and silliness' it inspires me to do the same :]



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