This weeks ‘Best of Gratitudes’

It was hard to pick just one day. So, I’m sharing the best of the week.
Oh, What a problem to have.
I am so grateful!

#312-Hubby’s silly gift ‘fluffy mints’.Don’tcha just love those jokes that you just had to be there….

#317-Two Taco Tuesdays at Tijuana Flats-YUM! Two Tacos, chips and a drink for $4.99!

#327-Iced coffee on a 91 degree November day

#328-Taking a moment to catch my breath &; put all in perspective and finding God, right there, waiting for me, with His plan

#341-Knowledge that my vote really did count.

#343-Traveling man returning from the North with crispy Fall Leaves

#345-Silly boy and his newest invention the ‘Plastic Spoon Banjo’

#350-Silk Leaves and Flowers that make the house feel like fall here in the sunny, green south

#351-Kids sneaking around the grocery store so they could surprise me with flowers and card. It really did make me feel better.

#357-A night of joy and laughter with friends from afar and their RV load of kids.

#368-Huge Florida Oak trees full of lacy Spanish Moss

holy experience

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