Turkey Day Gratitude

Happy Thanksgiving to You and Yours!

Pie dough is resting, chocolate pudding is setting and kids are happily tucked away in the classroom coloring and creating Turkey Day crafts and I take this happy, quiet moment to offer up my weekly gratitude on the National Holiday set aside for Gratefulness.

Small boy with his tools stumbling over words to tell me how he has figured out what is wrong with the brand new electric pencil sharpener.

Kids with “The Knack”.

Starbuck’s limited time BOGO Holiday Drinks (I got Gingerbread Latte and he got a Peppermint Mocha)

So much worrying and planning so I pray and ask for help handing it all over and things work out orderly and all in a way I can handle.

A little boy’s bear like hug in the middle of kitchen. His heart so overflowed with joy that he can barely speak. When asked if it is because of the permanent tent Mom set up in his room he can only nod yes and squeeze tighter.

Polished Cornerstones & Plants Grown up  by Pam Forester

Thai lunch just me and my man.

Holiday shopping all alone the day before Thanksgiving.

holy experience

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