2010 Christmas Tour

Love, love, love the Nestor’s Place Tour of Homes. 
Such inspiration and beauty and creativity all at the click of a button. 
Thank you to all you wonderful folks who share their homes this Holiday Season.

What a blessing our daily devotion with Ann Voskamp’s family and the wonderful gift they offered of the Jesse Tree Advent Devotional book complete with ornaments. We didn’t have one tree to hold all the expectation so we feel great abundance as we load up our little trees with the lovely ornaments. 
Thank you Ann for sharing your wonderful gift. I even printed extras to give to loved ones and we are enjoying being in the same devotion this season, linked together as a true body.

Here in the home of the ‘Party of 5!’ holiday decor took an entirely new direction. 
Year’s past Nativity Scenes have been set out. 
This year they came front and center with another love, books. 
This morning the man told me if we ever move 
we’ll need an extra truck just for the books. 
It warmed my heart. 
I guess that’s what happens when you decide to read 50 books every year.

Been collecting advent resources for a while now. I love the collection. 
Not all is in pretty book form, we also have a lot of manila folders full of wonderful print outs.
So many pretty paper nativities thanks to the folks at Creche Mania
I go back to their site over and over again. Many of their downloads are free.
Saint Nicholas kneels to the Christ Child. He really did! 
I am loving reading William J. Bennett’s Book 

 A candy dish made by my oldest. Christmas is a time for beautiful pottery.

 Hand made makes my heart swell. I am surrounded by talented people. The above tree a gift from the boy and the stable below crafted from pine bark and twigs gathered on a nature walk. 
They were glued and manipulated by my precious man’s strong hands 
becoming the stable for the Holy Family.

 Thank you for stopping by. If you were a human visitor I could shove a mug of cocoa spilling with marshmallow into your hands and joyfully question you, for at least a minute, so I can know you, who you are and what makes you…well You! You are a blessing and I wish you the Merriest of Christmas’. May your heart overflow with God’s redeeming love.

6 thoughts on “2010 Christmas Tour

  1. I love, love, love Christmas with the Party of Five! it's beautiful – just like you 🙂

    and I'm right behind your mom – i'd like to try the cocoa from Wycliffe, please :}


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