Holding onto the manger

It’s the day after.
He Came.
We celebrated.
I blinked.

And my expectations were high and today there is a mess. 

Our family stretched and pulled to be changed,

morphed  into something different. 

Something set apart with eyes fixed on the babe,
gaze drawn from the glitter and lights…..

focused on the manger.

We missed the mark.

Stunned the day has passed and in the wind of today our manger has been turned upside down and….

 He is Here!

And today I clean up the abundance from our celebration,
I fight the return to the everyday,

the mundane, 
the ordinary that is only ordinary to me.

I battle the Depraved Indifference that holds a place in my heart.

My children are fed like kings in the country God chose for them,

Yet they starve because of Depraved Indifference. 

Today we embrace change in our household.

We embrace change and I go to war against Depraved Indifference

Today I return to the manger, I peek at the waxy, wrinkled skin and ask for eyes to  

differently and a 
HEART Moved….

I rebel against comfort and on my knees declare and ask Jesus Christ, 

Jeremiah’s Prayer
 (song by Summit Worship)
You are the light that shines in the dark
You are what shadows cannot comprehend
You are the one who lives in my heart 
filling me up to be poured out again.
If you change the world by changing me
Then make me whatever you want me to be
If you’re lifted up when I’m on my knees
Then break me so all the world may see
Your Beauty, 
Oh Lord.
Mine is the sin that tears me in two
Mine is the pride that refuses to yield
Yours are the hands that make me anew
Yours are the words that will strengthen and heal
Break my heart with what break yours
Break my heart and make it like yours

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