My Boy’s Battle

He storms in. I recognize this anger. On too many occasions I’ve enveloped myself in it like a warm cape. I confine him and his garment to a chair in my office but the emotion must be released. He hits the chair, beats the floor and makes noises to draw me into his cloak of anger.

Not long ago I chose to go there with my children. Anger would build up inside while I tried to be

A patient I wasn’t,
Fought for a Calm I Didn’t Have.

Today was different. In a prayerful state I asked for guidance. I invested time and attention to navigate my way so I could help him work through his Heart of Anger.

He continued to throw venemous, sarcastic words at me.

Why, oh why is he so adept at this painful art at such a young age,
Is it because I led him there and now I must help him find his way out.

I took his place in the chair and pulled his young body onto my lap. I flipped past ink filled, tear stained pages of my anger journal to find a clean list of questions and we began the process of unraveling his sin.

His body’s hard and stiff in my arms and I beian to whisper truth into his ear.
Only seven, but he says to me,

“My sins are too many”

And he feels this way and I understand because how many times have I been brought to my knees with the same knowledge.

We read Righteous Anger vs. Sinful Anger and we read Romans 12 and he begins to sob. So cleanly aware of the messiness of his life and I get to pray with him. We ask for wisdom and listening ears so we can clearly hear the Holy Spirit’s guidance.

His body begins to soften. He takes the tissues used to wipe his tears and begins to stuff them in his mouth. The tender moment too much, it must be punctuated with laughter. I frame his precious face in my hands and we speak kind words to each other. I proclaim him a child of the King and he humbly and prayerfully asks for forgiveness.

And here in this little room my boy has fought a mighty battle and he has made his King proud.
God has been glorified .

3 thoughts on “My Boy’s Battle

  1. How did you find this book and workbook? Would you recommend it as much as Homeschooling with a Meek and Quiet Spirit?
    I am inspired by your proactive/offensive approach to helping your children live with clean hearts. You guys are warriors! Not shrinking back, and not just retaliating/defending…thank you for sharing this story!


  2. Trinity,
    Thanks so much for stopping by! I can't tell you how I found Heart of Anger….most likely a divine appointment. It is life changing and for us mood altering. A worthy read.


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