Demolishing New Construction

We sat on the coach last night. I, feeling frustrated and halted, discouraged but he was strength and wisdom and can I say I’m so grateful for a man that leads.
He just asked some simple questions.
Nothing profound or totally deep.
Just conversation.
He shared moments.
Precious words spoken from the heart of struggles in his daily life.
They soothed my tumultuous heart.

I was battling with God, or so I thought. Really, a little personal temper tantrum and I spat self deprecating thoughts at my Creator as I rapidly laid new bricks around my heart

If you have other folks that do it better than me, then why ask it of me?
Even more so, if you have them why did you bother to create me?

Damaging thoughts of insignificance pierce me deeply and the need to prove my significance a deep rooted sin.

On the coach the man acts a conduit of the Father and he just whispers,

‘I know your struggle and I’m glad you’re here’

And the echo of the Father is there in those spoken words.

Simple words. Said in the man’s quiet way shatter my new construction and douse my heart in warmth.
Understanding sends me asking forgiveness.
Focusing my eyes back to Christ.

How we struggle when the words are left unsaid. Who isn’t confronted with damaging words spoken into the soul, words carelessly assailed through the air in moments of frustration or fits of rage.

But, it’s the healing words that God uses. And, when those healing words are left unsaid, in their absence, those moments where there should be edification but it is missing, how often do we grasp hold of the damaging words and drive them even deeper.

When the healing words are spoken, written, the Holy Spirit takes them and whisper them gently into our hearts and they act like a balm. They soothe the pain and open wide the eyes of the hearer, revealing new truths.

Counting up to some BIG numbers:
45 minutes all to myself. Taking my Bible Study from start to finish without a single interruption.

Pliers that fix broken stuff.

The man’s leadership.

A gift of an electrical outlet where there once was none.


Can I ever list here enough times how grateful I am for books….especially the Bible.

Planning a girl’s Bible Study
Beautiful GirlhoodThe Companion Guide to Beautiful Girlhood

One thought on “Demolishing New Construction

  1. this:

    and he just whispers,

    'I know your struggle and I'm glad you're here'

    And the echo of the Father is there in those spoken words.

    i know it didn't have to be, but i love that it was whispered. there's something about these words whispered… soft, healing, quiet.
    intentionality is necessary or you might miss them, miss it; Truth whispering to you in the still, the small

    celebrating your counting & your joys this day, friend :}


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