No Slaves

Here, well were a preppy sort of crew. We all like polo shirts and khaki pants and I wear my penny loafers with actual pennies in them. I know, I hear it all the time, I should put in dimes. But deep down I know I’d swipe ’em when I needed change, so pennies it is.

I digress. My Girlie #1 now has a shoe size larger than mine and we haven’t hit the teens yet.

Yahoo, my heels are safe! 

We headed out just the two of us on a shopping excursion to find sweet, modest, young lady clothing.

(insert laughter here)

It took us all day.
We had a wonderful time and did actually find adorable outfits.

(she’d hate to hear me call them that)

Desperate to find pieces that fit I decided it was time we looked in Forever XXI. Now, I’ve never shopped there before and wasn’t I surprised to find that MC Hammer pants are back.

80's Super Star Costume
This is an 80’s Super Star Costume available online

I snapped a photo as proof.

A Honest to Goodness outfit complete with MC Hammer Pants

The Girlie wanted to try them on but I told her we weren’t slaves to fashion especially when it looked like a giant fabric diaper. She saw the wisdom in my observation and calmly returned them to the rack. 

I don’t get too many one on one days with my kids, but when they come around I love ’em.

Joyfully, counting as I’m laughing….

Finding Cambridge School of Ballet and watching Girlie #1 take a trial class and the friendly classmates and I’m an overjoyed mom ’cause I love to watch her dance.

Learning new art/craft techniques

Friday evening basketball practice becoming Wednesday eve practice.

Big rainstorm filled up the pool.

Learning html code and watching The Man’s eyes light up as he explains it even further.

Being able to read small print (now if only the big print far away would come back in focus)

Shopping Day just the Girlie and me.

Styles that just stay in style.

Having another unexpected one on one day with Girlie #2.

Folks who write books sharing their trials so I can grow.

Kisses goodbye and a run back for just one more hug.

2 thoughts on “No Slaves

  1. i am celebrating these joy-full moments with you 🙂 i am so in love with Him, and so i am also in love with you :}

    (i'm still learning) all's grace and joy,


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