Magnificent M-day

Children complain about spraying laundry with spot cleaner, The Man is on a work call in the background, Girlie 1 is wrapping up the weekend dishes that overflow the kitchen sink and Monday is here.

It’s a day of self-discipline with blogs to write, school work to accomplish, floors to vacuum and a stinky beasty needs a bath. Sounds dreary, but I’m grateful for every little detail. Days slip by and faithfulness to the little details on this day will reap bountiful rewards in the future. So, I will be faithful to today.

One huge weekend accomplishment that brings me joy; I sit in a somewhat cleaned and organized work space. It took me hours on Saturday but I persevered so I reap the reward today that I can find my cup of coffee after I set it down. Yahoo!

Looking forward to tomorrow and the first installment of “It’s People we Love”. I pray you’ll check out my original post and then join me!

Have a Magnificent Monday!

Counting up:
Dishes piled high in the sink

Rare cloudy gray days beg me to snuggle with a book and read.

Smell of Illy Coffee.

illy Caffe Normale Drip Grind Coffee (Medium Roast, Blue Band), 8.8-Ounce Tins (Pack of 2)

Bargain Priced Yankee Candles.

Birthday “Cake” of  French Silk Blizzard at Dairy Queen & Birthday Celebration with ones I love. (except The Man is missing ’cause he took the picture)

Science Channel’s ‘How It’s Made’

Kids Basketball Games.

Being able to see the counter and floor of my office.

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