I have proven to be a faithful ‘Paint Your own Pottery’ patron over the last twelve years. My first piece made when I bulged with Girlie #1. I mostly gifted my art so there is little in my own abode to show for my efforts. Over the years I found the process of painting enjoyable yet the establishment owner/directors unmemorable, that is until I met Kim and her crew at Amazing Glaze.

Amazing Glaze is part of the Arts Ministry of First Presbyterian Church of Orlando. It’s a quiet space in the basement. You have to buzz the school receptionist to get in the door, head down the stairs and you hear the din of voices. Round the corner and enter the little room with walls stacked high of unpainted pottery pieces. Inspiration pieces abound on every surface. It looks like any other pottery store but its ladies set it apart.

They all volunteer their time. They know each other well. They are friendly. They are welcoming. Kim leads the way.

Kim encourages
Girlie #1 gets guidance to execute her pottery vision

She hails from the United Kingdom. Her American English is thick with a British accent. She uses words like “lovely” and it sounds absolutely lovely rolling off her tongue. She gives selflessly to this ministry/art and the people partaking of it. She is an artist. Her abilities are displayed throughout the room in the form of sample pieces and the many, many completed items that will be gifted to delighted recipients. If Kim isn’t assisting she is creating works of arts for others. The first thing I do when I arrive is look over the room for newly made pieces.

The Boy chatting with Kim

Kim has unbelievable patience and passion for others to express themselves on a piece of bisque ware. She will answer endless questions with a kind, thoughtful manner. She gently responds to even the littlest artists in the room. The Boy is a talker and he follows her around asking question and telling her stories. Kim listens and answers like he is a most important person. He’s always trying to negotiate the prices of the pottery. She calls him her Donald Trump. He loves showing her his pieces and she gushes over every one of them. Most are pieces only a mother could love.

She has a remarkable memory. It can be weeks since we’ve spoken and she will ask me about something even I have to ponder on to remember. She makes everything in that room beautiful and it lacks a certain glow when she is absent.

Thank you Kim for all you give to Amazing Glaze. Thank you  for the time and energy you invest in this little corner of the world. We come to create pieces for ourselves and others and we receive love, acceptance and encouragement to explore the artist many of us don’t even realize we are.

So, if you, Dear Reader, are ever in O-Town make a trip to this little spot of quiet beauty and say ‘Hi’ to Kim. You’ll be glad you did and have a lovely piece of pottery to remember her by.

Until then link along with me today or leave a comment and you will be entered for a drawing to win this cutie piece, handmade by me, with guidance by Kim.

In Process. That’s the inspiration piece at the bottom of the page.
Fired Piece This is what I imagine Kim looked like as a wee one.

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