She picks up the clipboard and calls my name. Her beautiful English is spoken in a thick Russian accent. I follow her back and so has been this wonderful relationship between me and my amazing Dental Hygenist.

The view from her chair

Born in a small coastal town in Russia and to fly home is long. She doesn’t get to go home often. She, her husband and daughter, came to America and they love it here. They do not want to return to Russia even though there she had a full Dental/Oral Surgeon Practice there and to practice here she would have to attend Dental school all over again. She tells me she loves America, that we Americans are not grateful enough. I know she’s correct. I know my own children take for granted the amazing freedoms they live amongst.

Her walls are full of sweet notes and drawings from her patients

Valentina is encouraging, uplifting and kind. She remembers my name, information about my family. She does her job to the best of her ability every time. She smiles, even with her eyes she smiles. I look forward to my dental visits because of this sweet, vibrant woman. I am so glad she came to America, so glad she chose to be a dental hygienist, so glad I get to sit in her chair twice a year and catch up on her and her life.

Thank you Valentina for taking the time during your daily job to invest in the folks who sit in your chair. You are a blessing to us.

One thought on “Valentina

  1. no one could be more perfect to follow Very Valentine than Valentina 🙂

    “She tells me she loves America, that we Americans are not grateful enough. I know she's correct.”

    i hear the echo of Denzel in The Book of Eli.
    and i hear an echo in the spaces of my mind – – not only Americans, but we Christ followers are too often not grateful enough.

    ~ ~ ~ ~
    i am grateful for Tuesdays here 🙂
    and how they echo this:
    Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.’ The second is this: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no commandment greater than these.” – Jesus, in Mark 12

    i will join you soon, “to share my encounters with God's beloved.”


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