Starved for Love

She stomped around the kitchen. All morning she pecked and stomped. Every word spoke taut, looking to confront. The snag in her plan, no bites. I’d witnessed it for hours. Her brother and sister, in good moods, and every gauntlet she threw down they turned into something silly. Not in a mean way, but a, you can’t help but laugh along, sorta of way.

Only for her the laughter and joy brought no relief.

She continued her prickly ways into the afternoon chore of lunch cleanup. I sat on the sofa and watched as she washed up dishes and threw away napkins in that sharp, frustrated manner. Dad overseeing the cleanup allowed observation on my part. I sent up prayers for wisdom and eyes to see what’s really going on here. With my new glasses I began to see a girl love starved. She finished up her chores and I called for her to sit with me a moment. I snuggled her under the big blanket we call the bear. I pushed a stray hair aside.

“Darling, you do such a wonderful job cleaning the kitchen and I think you are an amazing big/little sister. God knew what he was doing when he made you our middle girl. I love you so much.”

Tears puddled up and spilled over.

“Mom, nobody has said those kind of words to me in so long.”

I know it’s true. Life gets busy and I try to remember to say all the precious uplifting words those around me need to hear but minutes tick by and before I know it souls are starved for love.

Love & Respect: The Love She Most Desires; The Respect He Desperately Needs

Dr. Emmerson Eggerichs’ wrote Love and Respect. He nailed the love side of women. 

I watched as my young daughter, feeling unloved, began to suffocate and attack her world in desparate attempt for air. I shared with her how this is a common struggle for women. How important it is for her to recognize when she is feeling starved and even more important to learn to communicate her needs before she goes on the warpath. How the first place she needs to go is the God who made her and then to those that can be hands and feet here, to love her. What a lesson to learn at the early stages of double digits.

Loving the Counting:

A Birthday Celebration at Sweet! with folks I love so dearly

Girlie #2 search for a Blog title

The Boy making eye contact to wink at me from center court

Walking out of the Home Depot Restroom and stopping short ’cause I recognize those kids  in that picture.

That her demi-point is better and I must see it now before my eyes are even focused and her face is flushed and eyes shine with joy and excitement.

Girlie #2 realizing she likes to do laundry. WAHOO!

Voicemail from a traveling man asking for a prompt call back because he wants to hear my voice and know I’m okay.

All three armed  with ice, peanut butter and Goo Gone determined to extricate the Gum from Girlie #1’s hair

When Amuba meets the Prince in The Cat of Bubastes and you learn it is exactly who you thought it might be.

The Cat of Bubastes: A Tale of Ancient Egypt   [CAT OF BUBASTES] [Paperback]

The reflections of early morning on the still waters of the pool.

2 thoughts on “Starved for Love

  1. smiles & joy for the counting and the life lesson better learned today than tomorrow – – a blessing that will multiply again and again 🙂

    and the icing on the cake #761 :}



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