Growing up my favorite day of the week, Wednesday.
I lived for Wednesday. 
Mom had Wednesdays off from work. 

Wednesdays are a great day for a mom to be off work. Teachers don’t often schedule big tests. Big assignment are rarely due on a Wednesday, and it’s a great day of the week to have a Doctor or Dentist appointment. I could usually persuade her to delay our return to school or even do away with it altogether. It didn’t take much convincing on her part. She wanted to be with us and there are always fun things to participate in together.

The years passed suddenly and I’m Mommy with my Girlie #1 donning the backpack full of freshly sharpened pencils. I loaded her on a bus and waved good-bye. Briefly into her first years of schooling when I realized I’d handed over my schedule to a brick and morter building full of certified teachers and fall festivals and they kept her the best parts of the day. I volunteered to be near her but usually got stuck helping hundreds of other kids get ready for their school pictures and I didn’t  see her at all.

I wanted Wednesdays everyday with my kids. Wasn’t this the reason I passed on the big career, the extra cash for regular manicures while sipping a latte from coffeebucks?

So, I brought her home and that meant they all came home because Girlie #2 stood in line right behind her and The Boy, well he’s growing fast.

We spend everyday like Wednesday, my monkey’s and me. Mom, well she moved into a house around the corner with Dad and today, Wednesday, we picked her up around noon and shopped for a niece whose on the way. We ate lunch and enjoyed our time in the car and my lucky little monkeys, they didn’t just get Wednesday with their Mom, but they got their Gamaw too.

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