Mom is GREAT…

She gives us Homemade Chocolate Chip Bread with Nutella and Marshmallow Cream sandwiches for lunch!

And it is Good…

Not a single chlild complains about the contents of their lunch plate…

Mom madly reads the labels of the sandwhich innards to justify this amazing, unconventional and indulgent lunch that has her children dancing and singing around the lunch table.

First, She did make the bread from home ingredients with her own little machine and, Look at that… jars telling her…Made with Skim Milk and no artificial colors! Yahoo! Even the white fuffy part is void of Fat or Cholesterol. Mom is feeling super pleased as she licks the gooey goodness of her own fingers.

Sending you gooey goodness and delightful indulgence for your Friday and on into your week-end!

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