Celebratory ADHD

Today, I can’t write. I am too full of joy and party planning and people I love. I’ve got celebratory ADHD I can’t seem to string together two words to create a cohesive sentence. However, I can sew, bake a cake and visions of the sweetest brown and pink jungle baby shower dance in my head while white, cold lifeless eggs stand at attention in the frig screaming to become masterpieces at the hands of my offspring.

My desk is strewn with handwritten notes, plans for our first Seder dinner, our first celebration of Passover and the goal is Wednesday night. We’re doing Wednesday because that’s the only day we can make it happen. This is a year of transformation and I’m learning to just make it happen, not so much make it perfect. But,I still keep checking and double checking how the whole thing is supposed to look.

My ADHD point here is God likes us to celebrate.

In all my Seder searching and studying I learned how many time Passover had to be reinstated, how many times they had to be reminded to go back to the basics and celebrate all God had done. Passover celebrated it’s First Anniversary in Numbers 9 and we only make it to Deuteronomy 16 when it had to be restated as a command, the people had to be commanded to celebrate, to keep The Passover. It’s Joshua 5:10-11 that the Passover is renewed by the Israelites upon entering Canaan. Ezra 6:19 and 20 talks about the Passover after they return from captivity. Hezekiah restored it in 2 Chronicles 30-32 and then there is another 400 year interruption when Josiah reinstates it in 2 Kings 23 and 2 Chronicles 35, it was lost again until Ezekiel 45:21-24.

We get lost a lot. Keenly aware of this, I couldn’t hold back the thought, Why? when we get lost, do we lose our celebratory hearts. We do. We lose our gratitude. For me it lands me on the couch with a full bag of something that I eat more for the texture and act of eating than the flavor or fulfillment of the food. This is where depression sets in for me. It’s a slippery slope. I’m grateful to have learned the signs of decline.

But, Jump into Joy, fill up my fun tank (as my folks used to always say) and there are more reasons to celebrate than there are days to plan.

Gratitude has made all the difference. God commanded. There are bitter bites of life all around me and some moments the reality of this fractured world tapes back my eyelids. Instead of gazing at him I take in searing pain all around me. It’s a yoke I try to carry on my own. I’m so grateful he’s given good direction on that bad habit too.

Well, thanks for following along on my ADHD post, I gotta go paint myself a Union Jack. Gotta make sure our American abode is properly attired for this little April 29th wedding. I’ve never attended a wedding in my p.j.’s before, it’s sounding like a fun way to be a wedding guest. I do love a good wedding!


On the drive home The Man chastises himself for not getting my coffee at the store farthest from our house, “That way you have more time to enjoy without losing it and drinking it cold” cause once we hit our front door I set it down and cannot find it. And I laugh that he knows me well and loves me for it!

Bones are healing and laying down calcium and she will be whole again.

Celebrating -t- today and that in this whole wide world God planted them just 10 houses down the same street.

Hanging wallpaper border and decorating the ‘Girl Room’ at my parents house.

Wrapping up our shopping to recognize Mom’s car in the parking lot and going back in the store to sneak up on her.

Dad making his wise cracks and I laugh and He laughs and kids laugh. What a joy to laugh!

Baking a birthday cake and visions of Grand Professional dance in my head and it is okay but my kids oooh and aaah like it was made by Duff and my eyes well that their precious love is blind.

Mowing the yard so he comes home and the whole job is done.

Walking past the butterfly garden and the movement of air disturbs the inhabitants and they flutter golden in the sun.

The Beast in his ‘Lifeguard’ t shirt barking at the kids in the pool like he really is the lifeguard.

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