Summer Adventure

Summer started last Friday. Well, maybe not for you, but as of Friday, May 20th we wrapped up our school year. A new completion date dictated by an opportunity, Girlie #1 and her Gamaw heading west for 10 days.

I love adventure. I love when my kids go on grand adventures. Since Girlie #1 would be leaving on a jet plane to one coast we thought the other two should join the party and jet to visit the other Grands. We put them on a plane and those Grands received them. I don’t think we could send a more precious gift.

Of our three, only one was totally sold out to the adventure, rearing to go, no looking back. The other two, well, they feared what they might miss. Each came to me with concern in their tone, “Mom, I’ve never been away from you that long”, and my heart swelled because I felt loved, needed. But, I’ve been careful not to squelch the joy of adventure in the desire to be needed. It’s a tough scale to balance.

My response, “You’ll be fine. You’re going to have such a wonderful, full trip you won’t have time to miss us”, but, the boy would cling a little closer and keep giving me sweet love notes.

I’ve gotten calls. They call to check in, tell me what they’ve done and the sweetest thing– when they ask what I’ve been up to. They say it in a disturbed sort of concern. I can tell they think there isn’t anything  I could possibly have to do if they aren’t here. It makes me laugh.

We are on separate adventures this week. I’m excited about our reunion, the day we come together and share what we’ve seen and done. That’s my favorite part of being a family, I’m home all week but really I’m all over the U.S. because each member of this ‘Party of 5!’ is a carrier and wherever they go they infect the people they meet with the beauty and uniqueness of our little family.

Loving the Adventure:

Girlie #1 and I playing ‘Guess Who’ in the car because her job is to keep me distracted while The Man and the others get the goods for my surprise.

One Eighth a pound of Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee because that’s what a 10 year old can afford and she wanted to give the best and that ‘s the best.

A torn piece of paper flying through the car, landing in my lap and I unfold the small paper plane to reveal the sweetness of a little boy’s heart.

Cool Florida Morn with Cool Breezes.

The cleaning properties of Tri Sodium Phosphate.

Quiet girlie talks as I prep her sweet face and hair to withstand the rigors of recital.

Rib crushing hugs from growing kids.

Seeing clean dishes and laundry thanks to above mentioned TSP.

2 thoughts on “Summer Adventure

  1. Sharon Gough

    We received two sweet little adventurers at our home today and Addie and Rylynn were sooooo excited. Addie told me after they left that she thought it was Christmas Day. They were rather quiet while they were here….probably bored a little. I spent most of my time talking to Catherine while Rylynn played shy and I wish I had taken more pics but I managed a couple before they left that I will post. Kelly, you and Danny have raised such wonderful young people. I'm glad we got to spend time with them.


  2. I'm excited for the travel adventures of the Party of 5! and I'm equally excited for the stories upon the re-gathering 🙂

    Enjoy as much as you can, knowing it won't compare with the joy when the Party of 5 (& Beastie too), are all under one roof again.

    His blessings abound and I'm so thankful we're counting 🙂



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