Make it Stick

When you shelve your life, rip yourself from it to experience something  new, it is inevitable that some of the new will stick. When you effect drastic change and shelve your life midway through the change to come  home and execute the completion and you are changed and already in process is the life change that mirrors the effects your journey had, well that’s the God effect.

So many experiences and so  many epiphanies and being home only two days, two days where I had to sleep to catch up. Two days where the air conditioning feels too cold and the lack of breezes from the ocean make the outdoors too hot and memories of the trip swim in my mind and I can’t pin down one thought without all the others crowding  in and my emotional roller coaster does little more than create a crying, stuttering, incohesive mess of words.

In short we are changed. I scroll through hundreds of photographs to pin down one snapshot of the change but it is all so raw and real and  in process and even the children nestle up to me at different moments and I hear the effects of their ‘in process’ as they are wrapped back up in the reality of their life with memories of the children they frolicked and loved on. It is hard  to hear the verbal ‘in process’ as they realize the future of their friends on a little island versus their own.

Twenty-one of us traveled together. Twenty-one became a little cohesive family unit, the family of God there in the D.R. I miss my little missionary family. Together we did hard stuff, in front of our children we tackled tough emotions, and all us adults loved on and supported each other as we processed through it. What an amazing group of people. I long to return to that exact dynamic. I learned much from the families we traveled with and feel so blessed to have journeyed this at their side.

Grateful Today For:

Ocean Breakfast Views.

Kids that help themselves to Banana Mamas.

Nightly devotions and a storm swirls around us but we are huddled together and safe.

Super loud air conditioning unit that drowns out all the noise and lets sleep come.

Kids that work hared with no complaints, no whining, no tears.

2 thoughts on “Make it Stick

  1. i can feel it. it's in the spaces between the words you've typed. it is your heart (still) in rhythm with His. somehow i know. ((and i long for an experience of my own to REALLY know… all in His time, all at His feet))

    i praise Him for all that He has done. all that He is doing. all that He continues to do.
    isn't it wonderful when it truly
    is our pleasure? as:

    “All gratitude is ultimately gratitude for Christ, all remembering a remembrance of Him. For in Him all things were created, are sustained, have their being.

    Thus Christ is all there is to give thanks for; Christ is all there is to remember.

    To know how we can count on God, we count graces, but ultimately there is really only One.”

    ~One Thousand Gifts


  2. Thank you Kelly for the post. I cannot wait to hear more. It is amazing that a moment in your life can have such an impact! I have been reading the book “You Can Change” and I am at the point where we are reading that in order to change your heart has to change, it has to be directed by the Holy Spirit otherwise you are trying to change in your own strength. That was powerful to me. Also, the command that you need to love God and love others. That is so succinct and when you combine this with the leading of the Holy Spirit, your life will change. You have experienced this and I cannot wait to hear more about it. Love Aunt Sheila


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