Bubbling Joy

The Lord, has provided, not just my physical needs but emotionally.  I decided to wait on him and found at ever step, he has provided every little bit I need. Every physical and emotional need to get me through this task, at this moment, on this given day. It has restored rapture to my heart and we dine again with glee.


No, Christ-is-How.

We have been thrust into hard stuff and we have found delight in our moment by moment journey.

Lord, You are God.

In my life I have made things happen and done the things I said I was going to do. But, it was forced and it was of me. Lifeless. Only the giver of life can bubble joy in the midst of chaos. He spoke order into chaos, but how dense am I that I miss this little tidbit. I declare myself a demi-god and believe with enough work, enough effort, a can-do attitude I can “get ‘er done”. A lot of times I do but the skies turn gray because I’m no god. When I step into my place, be the girl creation. Bask in my creator’s presence. In those moments, he puts the stars in order, aligns the planets and produces a little yellow house for us to call home.

All the while my heart is placed in his hands. I have to slap my own each time I reach to take it back. At this moment it’s resting so securely that it begins to rest. I take deeper calming breaths and they bubble up as belly laughter. Soothing to those around me and my very presence becomes one of peace. My heart screams, “Folks, it’s not me, just a side affect of a loving creator!”.

He loves you too.  Put your heart in his hands and find peace today.

Counting today:

Peace amongst the cardboard and vacant spaces

Friends who’ll help me sell my possessions at a Flea Market

Children with eyes changed and they part with their possessions as well

Learning to be me and only care what my God thinks of  her

Phone calls from Minnesota and a silly box brought her joy

Folks who get what we’re up to and encourage us to press on

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