Absorbing Today

It’s a time to be sponge like. Absorb every moment, live wide awake for every event. The brevity of life has been highlighted in vivid hues. Moonlight revealed the gossamer thread. Its frailty is felt to the core. We hold tighter, we hug longer.

Patience is a virtue we love, because by it, we show our love.

As a family we’ve gone through a wringer, ‘oft times one of our own making, and yet by God’s grace and clinging to His guidance we each found our way back.

How grateful am I for breadcrumbs always leading back, back to being a family, back to Christ. We’ve had our moments, moments of stolen crumbs and one of our own wandered in woods. Never would they wander long. We launch rescue missions here.

Sometimes, more times than we should, we launch out of our own devising. The rescue team often ends wandering lost. Frustration, pain, misunderstanding, standard responses when the wanderer and the rescue team find themselves on dark deserted roads that lead to lonely places. But this little family tossing about on a stormy night has seen it’s northern star, its immovable compass, its faithful search and rescue God. Each and every time He has led them home.

So it is together, as a family that we hold the hand of our “Dad” our “Papa” our “Tim” as he feels pain and wrestles each day on this broken, spinning globe. His courage is inspiring, his desire to just “BE” in our presence let’s us know we are loved, valued. We move mountains to be with him and experience that knowledge. His painful cancer is being lived to show love.

Grateful for every day, and….

*Adventures that are super scary and push me out of comfort into unknown places

*Getting Dad a Frosty

*The Man believes in my abilities, even when I’m a skeptic

*Children, motivated, striving for maturity.

*Giving up the idea of carrying on my bags and just packing what I need.

*Amazing women I get to know and dwell alongside.

*That the laptop has some life left in it.

*Knowing that no matter how it all goes that God can work through any kind of mess I make of it.

2 thoughts on “Absorbing Today

  1. sometimes i don't know what i want to say. this is one of those times.

    ((i love the family photos – you were right, they're wonderful and perfect.))

    i share in your praise and continue with you in prayer (:


  2. Oh Kelly I just want to hug each of you so hard and long – miss you precious friend. Praying and loving alongside you all even though far away.


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