2011 Christmas Tour

When the heart of the home is solid it doesn’t matter the size of the rooms or when they were constructed, the season of Christmas comes through.

We downsized. A journey that continues to amaze and getting Merry Christmas into this little house proves a delight. It busts at the seams, this cheery little domicile.

Finding a place to hide away a Christmas present is impossible but belly laughs abound and we as a family are bound. Our hearts knitted tighter thanks to a tighter environment.

A blessed result of a crazy act and with our first teen we rejoice at every late night chat on the couch. Throw in the Christmas lights and it’s childhood magic all over again.

Like Mary, our lives have been interrupted. May your find your moment at the manger. May you choose a life of divine interruption. May your Christmas be All that is Merry and Bright.

Thanks always to The Nestor for her lovely Christmas Tour of Homes. Go take a peek.

One thought on “2011 Christmas Tour

  1. i see in the tour of homes that it doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful…
    however, in His amazing grace, you there – in your smaller domicile – are His perfect blend of both beauty and perfection. beautiful in the midst of His perfection, in the place of His perfect will, beautifully reflecting our perfect Savior to all!

    much love, many prayers.
    Happy New Year!


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