Dad is a silent.
Mom is sad.
Hospice is amazing.
People who follow Jesus,
true disciples of Him,
they make me cry,
heal my heart,
make me long to deeper know my God and His Son.
My breaths come sharp.
Tears spill in odd places.
Children play and laugh and then hide in corners with silent tears streaming.
My even, steady Man has a fuzzy red that rims his deep, brown eyes.
I make meals to comfort souls.
I write words to capture the amazing beauty of this family,
on this journey.
We celebrate an 8 year old birthday and play with the newest family member.
We have journeyed to a cemetery to make arrangements.
We drank coffee afterwards,
so normal.
Normal will soon, forever change.
Soon my father will be past tense.
Oh, how I need the heavenly one to face the loss of the earthly one.
My God remains faithful.
His strong arm supports,
He is not shy to show His face.
My writing rhythm is shot.
My words won’t flow.
I’m focused on a family rhythm for now.
Cancer altered the lens.
Joy spills with the tears.
God is so good.

2 thoughts on “Spilling

  1. Oh sister friend. I wake up thinking about you and pray for God's abiding presence to permeate everything around you all -for the grace bubble to be very solid and strong. Let the rhythm just be so you can be carried along by it. And by so many people who love.


  2. Anonymous

    Oh Kelly, my heart breaks for youand for my my dear friend Ellen….I am so sad for this time, but He promises us this eternity that we will come together again and we will dance and sing before Our Lord that we have spent all these days praying to and seeking. Tim will be there dancing, singing and waiting for all of us. He will be part of our welcoming committee. Grandma Hayes, Janet and Tim!!! What a welcoming that will be! And then we will see our Lord. Tears spill just writing this. I'm sad but also hopeful. Praise God that we have that promise of eternity together and with our beloved Lord and savior. Amazing Grace! Please know we are all lifting you and all the family up. I pray that God will wrap you in his arms of love and comfort and even though this time is so difficult that you can still praise Him and rejoice in His promises. Love you Kelly. (Sharon)


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