Emily Weisband


A spunky little girl I knew years back when I was a young Momma. Leader of her pack of siblings and my kiddos too when they got the chance to join in. That’s her on the end with my kids and my little cousins mixed in. I love that I get to say I “knew her when”.

My Dad and her Dad were cut from the same cloth and it proved a little scary when we let them sit together at church functions. Sacrilege is the word that comes to mind. I still sat close by so I didn’t miss a moment of their antics. You were guaranteed a comedy show with those two.

But, back to this beautiful girl. She has a hauntingly beautiful voice and she can write some song lyrics. She is making her way in Nashville but hasn’t yet (that I’m aware of) released her first CD. If I’m wrong about this then someone please let me know ASAP!

Her song “Something to Remember Me by” is a favorite around here. I am pretty sure that I have personally added hundreds of plays to this song on SoundCloud.

Emily, gurrlll, when is that album coming out ’cause my streaming data just can’t handle my need to replay this “over and over again”?!

If you haven’t heard of Emily or experienced her delightful lilting sound then I encourage you to visit SoundCloud and join me in upping her count (then maybe we can move that on to a recording so I don’t have to use up so much data with my need to listen).