Blogging With Cherished Women

Worry Free Decorating

I like pretty spaces. Vacant holes in rooms speak to me, crazy right?! But they do, they usually tell me some amazing way they can be filled and made use of. It’s a blessing and a curse ‘cause once I hear how a space wants to be used I’m like a pit bull to bring it to fruition. Obsessed with lists of what I’m looking for that go everywhere with me so I don’t miss a single opportunity to discover the solution to that vacant space. I run after that vision with all my heart….

Today I’m writing with the Cherished Women of Discovery Church in Orlando, FL. Come join me there!

Absorbing Today

It’s a time to be sponge like. Absorb every moment, live wide awake for every event. The brevity of life has been highlighted in vivid hues. Moonlight revealed the gossamer thread. Its frailty is felt to the core. We hold tighter, we hug longer.

Patience is a virtue we love, because by it, we show our love.

As a family we’ve gone through a wringer, ‘oft times one of our own making, and yet by God’s grace and clinging to His guidance we each found our way back.

How grateful am I for breadcrumbs always leading back, back to being a family, back to Christ. We’ve had our moments, moments of stolen crumbs and one of our own wandered in woods. Never would they wander long. We launch rescue missions here.

Sometimes, more times than we should, we launch out of our own devising. The rescue team often ends wandering lost. Frustration, pain, misunderstanding, standard responses when the wanderer and the rescue team find themselves on dark deserted roads that lead to lonely places. But this little family tossing about on a stormy night has seen it’s northern star, its immovable compass, its faithful search and rescue God. Each and every time He has led them home.

So it is together, as a family that we hold the hand of our “Dad” our “Papa” our “Tim” as he feels pain and wrestles each day on this broken, spinning globe. His courage is inspiring, his desire to just “BE” in our presence let’s us know we are loved, valued. We move mountains to be with him and experience that knowledge. His painful cancer is being lived to show love.

Grateful for every day, and….

*Adventures that are super scary and push me out of comfort into unknown places

*Getting Dad a Frosty

*The Man believes in my abilities, even when I’m a skeptic

*Children, motivated, striving for maturity.

*Giving up the idea of carrying on my bags and just packing what I need.

*Amazing women I get to know and dwell alongside.

*That the laptop has some life left in it.

*Knowing that no matter how it all goes that God can work through any kind of mess I make of it.

Mom is GREAT…

She gives us Homemade Chocolate Chip Bread with Nutella and Marshmallow Cream sandwiches for lunch!

And it is Good…

Not a single chlild complains about the contents of their lunch plate…

Mom madly reads the labels of the sandwhich innards to justify this amazing, unconventional and indulgent lunch that has her children dancing and singing around the lunch table.

First, She did make the bread from home ingredients with her own little machine and, Look at that… jars telling her…Made with Skim Milk and no artificial colors! Yahoo! Even the white fuffy part is void of Fat or Cholesterol. Mom is feeling super pleased as she licks the gooey goodness of her own fingers.

Sending you gooey goodness and delightful indulgence for your Friday and on into your week-end!


Growing up my favorite day of the week, Wednesday.
I lived for Wednesday. 
Mom had Wednesdays off from work. 

Wednesdays are a great day for a mom to be off work. Teachers don’t often schedule big tests. Big assignment are rarely due on a Wednesday, and it’s a great day of the week to have a Doctor or Dentist appointment. I could usually persuade her to delay our return to school or even do away with it altogether. It didn’t take much convincing on her part. She wanted to be with us and there are always fun things to participate in together.

The years passed suddenly and I’m Mommy with my Girlie #1 donning the backpack full of freshly sharpened pencils. I loaded her on a bus and waved good-bye. Briefly into her first years of schooling when I realized I’d handed over my schedule to a brick and morter building full of certified teachers and fall festivals and they kept her the best parts of the day. I volunteered to be near her but usually got stuck helping hundreds of other kids get ready for their school pictures and I didn’t  see her at all.

I wanted Wednesdays everyday with my kids. Wasn’t this the reason I passed on the big career, the extra cash for regular manicures while sipping a latte from coffeebucks?

So, I brought her home and that meant they all came home because Girlie #2 stood in line right behind her and The Boy, well he’s growing fast.

We spend everyday like Wednesday, my monkey’s and me. Mom, well she moved into a house around the corner with Dad and today, Wednesday, we picked her up around noon and shopped for a niece whose on the way. We ate lunch and enjoyed our time in the car and my lucky little monkeys, they didn’t just get Wednesday with their Mom, but they got their Gamaw too.

It’s Super Cool When…

You’re tooling along with your kids in tow doing the usual grocery store thing and you see…

 Juliette pushing a giant grocery cart full of Organic Gala Apples.
You know what the Doctor says?

Yes, this is cool.
But what’s SUPER COOL is passing a counter full of magazines and seeing…

Folks you know gracing the cover of  Edible Orlando Magazine. Our very own still kinda a Newlywed Erica and her co-worker Emily from The Bee’s Knees Sweet Treats.

Of course you must stop everything you’re doing and read what they have to say about these cool people you know.

Demolishing New Construction

We sat on the coach last night. I, feeling frustrated and halted, discouraged but he was strength and wisdom and can I say I’m so grateful for a man that leads.
He just asked some simple questions.
Nothing profound or totally deep.
Just conversation.
He shared moments.
Precious words spoken from the heart of struggles in his daily life.
They soothed my tumultuous heart.

I was battling with God, or so I thought. Really, a little personal temper tantrum and I spat self deprecating thoughts at my Creator as I rapidly laid new bricks around my heart

If you have other folks that do it better than me, then why ask it of me?
Even more so, if you have them why did you bother to create me?

Damaging thoughts of insignificance pierce me deeply and the need to prove my significance a deep rooted sin.

On the coach the man acts a conduit of the Father and he just whispers,

‘I know your struggle and I’m glad you’re here’

And the echo of the Father is there in those spoken words.

Simple words. Said in the man’s quiet way shatter my new construction and douse my heart in warmth.
Understanding sends me asking forgiveness.
Focusing my eyes back to Christ.

How we struggle when the words are left unsaid. Who isn’t confronted with damaging words spoken into the soul, words carelessly assailed through the air in moments of frustration or fits of rage.

But, it’s the healing words that God uses. And, when those healing words are left unsaid, in their absence, those moments where there should be edification but it is missing, how often do we grasp hold of the damaging words and drive them even deeper.

When the healing words are spoken, written, the Holy Spirit takes them and whisper them gently into our hearts and they act like a balm. They soothe the pain and open wide the eyes of the hearer, revealing new truths.

Counting up to some BIG numbers:
45 minutes all to myself. Taking my Bible Study from start to finish without a single interruption.

Pliers that fix broken stuff.

The man’s leadership.

A gift of an electrical outlet where there once was none.


Can I ever list here enough times how grateful I am for books….especially the Bible.

Planning a girl’s Bible Study
Beautiful GirlhoodThe Companion Guide to Beautiful Girlhood

Bound & Gagged

I’m new to this. This laying it all out there. I have stacks of journals and in them I have been honest, brutally honest and in those pages I can exhale.

I have sinned with my pen on those pages.
I have worshiped and  the tears are evidence of my spilling over heart as their stain traces run down the page.
I’ve written things that made me laugh out loud and I do again when I re-read.

But here. In this space, where I don’t know who reads?
where I don’t know what you think
where you can revisit and re-read
where you can know my sin here in print
where my heart is laid bare for you to roam in the quiet of your present space

The reality of this
at times
sends me spiraling
and I am silenced by my fear
I doubt every word laid down
Is there any value to this endeavor
Is there value to my words

As I sit here currently bound and gagged by my thoughts I pray,

Lord, let the typed words on this page bring glory only to you. Refocus my vision. Help me give the words on this space to you.

It will take me a week or so. I will spend a week or so finding my way out of my bound and gagged state. The process to hurdle fear is not a new one, just the platform that caused the fear.  Putting the reality of my state here for you was a big step.
So, If I can say, thanks so much.
You’ve been a big help.

Getting it Right

I feel emboldened,
                                Somehow, I am free.

My obedience set me free.

I know there is little in this creation of rib and earth that is good, can do it right.

About the only thing I am capable of is obedience. 
Obedience to follow the leader I have willingly chosen; and yet, I still get that 
oh, So, Wrong. 

And so months, years ago I begged to be useful to my chosen leader.

He gave me a task,
and I grumbled because I was certain the way He used others would be better suited to me and….
He showed me the flaws in my rib and earth body and we got together to  
Get that Right.

Then I begged again to be useful and…
He assigned me another task. 
This time I cried over the pain and discomfort it would cause me and He and I got together and 
he revealed the healing that could come from sharing my still throbbing scars. 
I begrudgingly dragged my feet into obedience and found myself bathed and cleansed…
in the Process of the Task

Again I asked for a new task.

He saw fit to bring me full circle to a whisper in the heart of a young girl. I didn’t see it at first, that this new task was a culmination of heart visions in youthen days. So, I read and read and read some more and I learned I had idols that I daily bowed to and He and I got together and…
He wrestled the Idols from Me

As I loosened my grip…
I watched the man I do life with’s heart fill with that same youthen vision and 
we clasped hands-feeling ill prepared, slow of tongue and way too young, 
but once again, at this moment, 
He just Wanted Obedience.

So when the vision did not culminate

the way I thought it would, when my castle of sand was hit by a tidal wave… 
I thought I had heard His whisper wrong. 
My mind questioned and probed, Why did you ask this of us? 
and the Answer…..

I am not integral to His plan….
except that He adores me and will use me, inspite of the evil in me, 
because of His absolute love for me. 
This Makes Me truly free
I have found a blessed moment in Him 
where perfect love has cast out all fear and now I will  
Never Settle for the Imposter.

My heart thirsts for more of Him.

Where can I get enough?
I want to be consumed by His prescience
and daily life gets in the way. 
I am interrupted- even in this moment. 
I long to pour out my soul as a worship, a crown to lay at His feet. 
And, even here…
I get it all Wrong.

The last note of the music fades and…

I am quickly distracted by daily life. There will be the day when the Lord has redeemed me 
and in my perfection I will be able to offer more than this 
rotting Rib and Earth

My prayer for that moment is…..

I have had enough moments with Him that I may call Him beloved and 
He will know me deeply, intimately and we will laugh and rejoice 
over all He has done

The rotten gifts will be beautiful, and….

thanks to the sacrifice of Him, He and I will be together, forever and…
He won’t have to work anymore with me 
because it will, All Be Right.